These are customer-focused questions to help make your experience easier. Feel free to email us if this does not help answer your questions. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Is hair included with extension installs?

No they are not. However, if you purchase our luxury hair bundles we can assure you that they will last numerous installs and can be colored, bleached etc.


Can hair be shipped to me?

YES! Processing can be between 2-3 business days while shipping will take an additional 2-3 business day. A lot of times the process is sooner than expected because we strive to process all orders as rapid as possible. Signature confirmation MUST be signed in order to receive packages. For PICKUP ORDERS, please email us.



There are no changes made once an order has been completed. If there is an issue with your order, please contact us within 2 business days. We DO NOT process ANY REFUNDS however we can to provide you with the best service so please email us if you have any issues


How do I maintain my extensions?

Daily, you should use a vent brush as needed. A Bougie Bonnet is highly recommended to keep hair smooth and in tact while sleeping at night. A small dime-size amount of serum like help when hair is dry feeling. Cleansing extensions should be done weekly/biweekly depending on how much product is used. Silicon Mix shampoo and conditioner is recommended. HCO Leave in conditioner by Design Essentials and water is a must have for our curlier texture such as Glam Wave. Be sure to ALWAYS allow hair to air dry!


There is a service I want but I don't see it on your site, why is that?

As a committed hair professional, I want to ensure every service is close to perfection. If there is a service that you would like but it isn't on my service list, this means I do not offer it and it can be for several reasons. Please email me as I am well connected to many stylist in the area that may be able to service you, providing my expertise on your requested service.


Do I need to prep my hair before being serviced?

Extension installs are time consuming, therefore I ask that you come already with clean hair with no heavy product. If you need your hair prepped, please book "shampoo and blow dry" service. If you need a sew-in removed, please add that service as well. For all other services, they do include complimentary shampoos as they are essential to perfect select services